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At RE/MAX iREALTY INNOVATIONS, virtual IS beautiful!

Our Brokerage is based on some novel and unique concepts in our industry, that together make up iRealty.

iRealty is based on looking towards the future. We anticipate all online transactions in our industry in the future. So, we are getting a head start and do our transactions online. We foresee extensive attrition in our profession, as 50-60% of our Baby Boomer REALTORS®, swiftly head towards retirement age. So we have created a Brokerage that enhances the enjoyment of real estate transactions for experienced agents, at the same time, attracting additional generations into the industry and to iRealty. We see an earth in careful need of loving concern. So we eliminate as many activities we can, that might be harmful to our planet. We plan to be around for a very long time! We want our world to be as healthy as we are. Looking towards the future will allow us at iRealty to consistently grow, improve and always lead us in the right direction.

RE/MAX iREALTY INNOVATIONS is a full service RE/MAX Brokerage. The iREALTY concept is changing the face of how real estate is done – one that uses technology to offer our real estate agents and clients a new paradigm in digital efficiency, security, and modern marketing.

RE/MAX iREALTY INNOVATIONS is the first RE/MAX brokerage to bear the iREALTY brand. This reflects the fact that our virtual brokerage is on the forefront of real estate technology. We are offering a full service paperless office, that is online, paperless, green and connected. Our clients have no need to be technology savvy, as they quickly find the ease-of-use of our systems to be the simplest and most convenient way to complete their real estate transaction

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Agents at RE/MAX iREALTY INNOVATIONS understand the client's desire to market beyond the MLS® system and in today's digital landscape. We use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, blogging and video tools such as Youtube, our own websites and even Craig's list and Kijiji to showcase our clients homes. There are many tools and opportunities to market online today, which we use to the full extent for maximum exposure of our clients listings. These same tools are used to ensure no stone is left unturned to find the ideal home for our buying clients.

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We utilize easy-to-use systems for electronic signatures and secure online document management. All documents and contracts are stored securely online, allowing permitted parties recorded access to view, download, email or print if necessary. Our clients documents are now far safer and more secure by eliminating the need for multiple paper copies floating around in multiple locations. We are the first to adapt the entire business to a virtual model with systems that are simple and convenient for our clients and 100% secure.

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Perhaps the best by-product of our iREALTY concept is that it is truly environmentally-friendly. Since our iAGENTS typically work from home and in the field, excessive office space is not required. The new office footprint is 1,200 square feet, a fraction of the typical urban brokerage. We operate paperlessly, do not require agents or clients to drive to meet more often than necessary, utilizing digital communication, paperwork and document transfers. We minimize driving, use less paper, and smile more!

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iAGENTS use technology to create more connectedness between themselves and their agents. Phone calls and emails are useful for some communication but for the more detailed discussions, we use much more effective tools of communication. For our clients convenience, we create digital methods to meet face-to-face. Though we certainly meet with our clients in person when desired, often we can eliminate unnecessary driving. We are avid users of Skype to video chat for a face-to-face discussion without leaving home or the office. Go-to-meetings online is a popular tool with us, as is video email, and screen capture tools that allow clients to watch a recording of their agents screen and voice over explaining a document.

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Home buyers and sellers today want the efficiencies and securities that technology can offer. We offer our clients exactly that combined with the personal service expected of a professional RE/MAX agent.


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